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Windstorm Damage

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Windstorm damage can include everything from strong gusts to accompanying rain or hail. Any one of these can result in extensive damage to property, but these forces combined have the ability to inflict major destruction.

A windstorm can be damaging to siding, windows and roofs. High winds have the ability to rip off sections of roofs, which in turn may result in water leaks. By adding hail into the mix, the likelihood of leaks greatly intensifies. As winds intensify, pressure can cause windows to shatter and walls to buckle under the tremendous stress.

For these reasons, it is important to make sure that you are properly compensated for everything- even those items that might be harder to detect. Having someone on your side to look deeper into these areas will result in adequate compensation that an insurance company might be willing to overlook.

At Unlimited 1 Adjustments, we understand the importance of receiving a fair amount for damages so that a structure can be brought back to normal. Our public adjusters won’t allow the insurance company to cut corners when it comes to your property. Getting what you deserve means rebuilding with peace of mind.

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