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Smoke Damage

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Everyone knows the horror that can be associated with a fire, but another devastating complication associated with them is smoke. Even small fires can generate a considerable amount of smoke damage. This is a particularly devious form of loss since the level of damage cannot always be assessed visually.

In an enclosed structure, smoke has nowhere to go but into your belongings. It has the ability to seep into everything, from clothing to furniture and even the walls and ceilings. This makes its severity sometimes hard to distinguish.

When faced with such loss, the last thing you want is to have your insurance company try to salvage items that should be replaced. You need an advocate to step in who knows how to deal with these companies and can prove to them that your needs are more important than cutting costs.

That’s the job of a public adjuster, and at Unlimited 1 Adjustments, we take our job very seriously. We represent you to make sure that your compensation is fair and adequate.

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