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Puff Back

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A puff back occurs when excess fuel accumulates in the bottom of a furnace. Although most commonly found in older units, they can occur in any gas heating system. The damage that they cause is temporary, but if not treated effectively, it can be permanent.

When excess fuel is ignited, a buildup of dirt and soot is blown out of the ductwork and into the air. The powder may resemble dust or have a darker color. If this occurs, it is important to ensure that the right materials are used to clean it up.

Within hours of contamination, the dust will begin to damage many surfaces. Some areas will discolor, while others may corrode and pit. Using improper ingredients during the cleanup process may result in chemical reactions causing permanent damage to the objects.

With Unlimited 1 Adjustments on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive proper compensation from your insurance company for damages. We specialize in negotiating with your carrier for what your belongings are actually worth. Making sure that you are adequately compensated is what public adjusters are trained to do.

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