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Natural Disaster Damage

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Natural disasters are defined as any disaster not brought on by human acts. With such a multitude of natural destructive forces, it is important that you have the right coverage in place. You policy contains detailed information regarding what is covered, as well as exclusions and deductibles.

Not only should you have a clear understanding of what is covered, but also how it is covered. There is a difference between replacement coverage and actual cash value. One will compensate based on what it would cost to replace an item with a new, exact duplicate while the other will only give you the value based on what it is currently worth, less depreciation.

A public adjuster can help in times of crisis, we take the pressure of negotiating and managing your claim off of you and see to it that you are adequately compensated for your losses.

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Unlimited 1 Adjustments, LLC. are licensed Public Adjusters in the states of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Unlimited handles both commercial and residential property damage insurance claims. Call U1A for a free claim review at (855) U-1-ADJUST, or simply request a quote using our claim form. All content is provided for informational purposes only.