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Lightning Damage

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It is anticipated that storms bring strong wind and heavy rain that can cause damage, but sometimes lightning can also damage your home. Though many group lightning with storm damage, the two can be very different.

Lightning has the propensity to inflict damage in one of two ways. This massive energy burst can affect the electrical components of your home, or it can damage your electrical system, resulting in a fire. Either way, the damage can be extensive.

An electrical surge can not only affect wiring within the structure, but the standard electrical components, as well. The extent of this damage is hard to determine since the electrical system itself is largely hidden. For components, it will be necessary to inspect every device and system, from phones and computers to appliances.

A public insurance adjuster is trained to determine what a fair replacement value is for your damaged items. At Unlimited 1 Adjustments, we will advocate on your behalf and seek to recover what you deserve. With so much at stake, it is better to leave the settlement up to the professionals.

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