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Earthquake Damage

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Earthquakes are not only known for causing considerable damage, but for appearing without warning. Even mild earthquakes can be devastating to homes and buildings.

Earthquakes typically result in structural damage, which can range from mild damage to requiring a building be condemned. Even after an earthquake and its residual aftershocks subside, there could be ensuing danger from falling debris or collapsing structures that have become too weak.

Regardless of whether or not your property is a total loss, they will lobby to get you what you need to rebuild. That’s the difference in the two groups: insurance companies are trained to limit their losses, while a public adjuster is focused on you, the victim.

With the insurmountable damage that an earthquake can inflict, having a public adjuster work on your behalf will ensure that you don’t suffer any further losses. While your insurance provider may try to cut corners and minimize the settlement amount, at Unlimited 1 Adjustments, our public adjusters will work to maximize your insurance recovery and get you what you will need to rebuild. We care about your rights, not the insurance company’s bottom line.

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Unlimited 1 Adjustments, LLC. are licensed Public Adjusters in the states of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Unlimited handles both commercial and residential property damage insurance claims. Call U1A for a free claim review at (855) U-1-ADJUST, or simply request a quote using our claim form. All content is provided for informational purposes only.