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Builder’s Risk

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Anytime you are involved in construction you run the risk that something can happen to building materials. Whether a loss occurs due to fire, theft or storms, the end result is still the same: money is lost and the longer the problem remains unresolved, the more it costs you.

To protect an investment, builder’s risk insurance may be a contractual requirement of the party supplying the capital, or a builder may purchase it voluntarily. But with such a large investment at stake, filing a claim may not offer the security that it implies. This is when hiring Unlimited 1 Adjustments as your public adjuster is the sure way to maximize your protection.

At Unlimited 1 Adjustments, we have the experience and the ability to obtain a much more favorable settlement than you could on your own. Not only are we knowledgeable with the claims process, we are also familiar with all of the tricks that insurance companies use to minimize losses from your settlement.

Despite what you may have been told, there is a major difference between insurance company adjusters and public adjusters. Insurance adjusters work for the best interests of the insurance company, while public adjusters only work for you. Utilizing the expertise of a public adjuster is always your best form of protection.

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Unlimited 1 Adjustments, LLC. are licensed Public Adjusters in the states of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. Unlimited handles both commercial and residential property damage insurance claims. Call U1A for a free claim review at (855) U-1-ADJUST, or simply request a quote using our claim form. All content is provided for informational purposes only.